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VoiceHacks is very worthwhile and you should listen to it.

As a noob vocalist, I really enjoy this podcast. I really appreciate hearing from vocalists of all different techniques and backgrounds about their art. I also like to hear some of things that vocalists struggle with in their pursuit of perfection, whether it be regarding anxiety, wellness, touring pitfalls, etc. Anyway, 5 stars, and some day when I’m the special guest on this podcast you can go back and re-read this review and see that I’m an OG fan. - Paul, Theandric


I love this podcast. It has great information for vocalists of all levels of experience. I even sent an episode to my bandmates, feeling that they could benefit from the content as well. It is entertaining to listen to, packed with great knowledge, and inspires new ways to expand techniques and applications. As always, Mary Z delivers another fantastic series!