The VoiceHacks Podcast

The VoiceHacks Podcast

Want to learn the secrets behind the sounds of your favorite metal vocalists? Look no further! Join vocal coach and metal vocalist Mary Zimmer for the VoiceHacks Podcast. Every other week, she’ll sit down with some of the world’s best vocalists, coaches, and experts to dive deep into the techniques and mysteries behind the sounds we make. If you’re a new vocalist, this podcast is going to answer a lot of your questions. If you’re an experienced vocalist, this is going to give you that deep level insight into the craft of vocals. When you’re ready to take on learning vocals head over to to get started!

Recent Episodes

EP 26 | Tim & Xen of Ne Obliviscaris

March 28, 2023

Tim Charles and Marc "Xenoyr" Campbell make up the dual vocal team of Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris. Ne Obliviscaris returns with their latest album Exul after a long hiatus from album releases. Regarded as one of the pioneers…

EP 25 | Robin McAuley

Feb. 21, 2023

Robin McAuley is a legendary rock and metal vocalist known for singing with the McAuley Shencker group, Raiding the Rock Vault, Survivor, Black Swan and more. We catch up with Robin on his new solo album and the secrets that…

EP 24 | Stu Block

Feb. 7, 2023

Stu Block is a Canadian metal vocalist who currently fronts the bands Into Eternity and Annihilator and formerly sang with the American metal band, Iced Earth. Stu is a multi-faceted vocalist performing multiple styles of cl…

EP 23 | Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)

Jan. 24, 2023

Chris #2 is bassist and one of two vocalists for the American punk band Anti-Flag. This year Anti-Flag celebrate their 30th year as a band with a new album “Lies We Tell Our Children”.

EP 22 | Sabrina Cruz (Seven Kingdoms)

Nov. 15, 2022

This week we sit down with the very talented Sabrina Cruz, frontwoman of the popular melodic/power metal band Seven Kingdoms. We take a moment in this episode to look at the personal and spiritual journey of vocalists.

EP 21 | Sean Z (Daath, Sinsaenum, ex-Chimaira)

Nov. 1, 2022

This week’s episode features vocalist Sean Z (Daath, Sinsaenum, ex-Chimaira) who’s making his return to Daath with their upcoming new album. We talk about the process of rejoining the band, what he’s been doing in between an…