May 3, 2022

EP 8 | Carlos Zema

EP 8 | Carlos Zema
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Carlos Zema is a metal vocalist who currently fronts the bands Immortal Guardian (USA) and Heaven’s Guardian (Brazil). He’s previously fronted the band Outworld and has been seen on tour as vocalist for Metal Mike (Halford). 

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On this episode:

1:02 - Meet Carlos

3:00 - Preparing for tour

7:07 - Hitting the high notes

10:45 - Overpreparing

12:09 - Vocal warmups

13:50 - When are vocals “perfect”?

18:00 - Reasons not to imitate other singers

21:00 - True vocal timbre

23:00 - Strange vocal timbres

24:00 - The best singer is the one who…

25:40 - Hearing your own voice 

28:00 - Changing the key to match your best timbre

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